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Buyer Beware!!!!!The manager Troy Brazelton is selling pre-order copies of video games to some customers and not others.Very biased and not a way to conduct business.

When Call of Duty Black OPS was coming out due to be released November 9, he sold a copy to my friend early.When I went to get my copy early, I was told they were not selling copies early. I told them I knew that was not true. The employee was acting nervous, went into the back for 5 minutes, came back out and asked for my phone number to call me back. Of course I never heard back from them.

I will never buy from them again.I will go to GameStop instead.

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get a real life loser

Houston, Texas, United States #685013

I have been going to this store for years and found nothing at all except very professional service and the Manager was actually very very helpful and knowledgeable about all the games and any specials. I will never go back to Game stop and will continue to patronize this store and location. The prices are great and I won't let one person ruin it for anyone else. Thank you Troy and your entire staff for your help and integrity.




I live within a few miles of this store ,so i vist and shop there often.The service has always been AA++ and you cant beat the prices.

They always send out flyers with buy 2 games get 1 free,or 20% off a game,and 1 free disk repair without even having ot buy anything,month after month.and all the donations to events and charities. Truthfully i dont see how they keep there doors open,because they give so much.Special items or promotional are just that. If your late ,you miss out. dont let one bad exsperiance ruin it for everyone else.

They really are a great store.:)


I think the lady is crazy.This is one of the best locations for video games I have ever been too.

The manager is the best ever. He sold me a 100.00 statue of Halo for only 30.00 when I bought a system and some other stuff. He is a great manager....I am a heavy lifestyle gamer..I play 30-50 hours per week. I use to go to Gamestop a lot, but once i went to this specific Trade in Play I never went back.

They have always been a great company and the manager is what makes this one of the best stores in the state, if not in the country.It is currently one of the highest rated individual Trade in Play stores as well.


While it is true that Troy Brazelton is a great guy, I do believe that woman's statement about selected few getting an early release. I happen to know a local cop and teacher-not mentioning any names because I do not wish to get them in trouble that are given big hit titles early. So yes, Troy does help as much as he can and give us deals again and again, but the statement about breaking street date is for sure a certainty.


PNT Woodstock is awesome.They have reasonable prices on games, disc cleaning, try before you buy, and a FANTASTIC selection of old and new games!

The staff has always been friendly and helpful and the special promotions the store has are awesome (like the 40% off any used game for up to four games for the mgr's birthday). Plus the facebook fan friday deals are excellent as well.

PNT Woodstock is a great place for gamers!:)


When Modern Warfare 2 was set to be released a similar thing happened.Troy is a great manager.

For ONE night and ONE night only play n trade was selling mw2 2 days early. The 8th of november. People were going up there to buy it because they had heard of this. I was too.

My friend went up there and Troy even told us to call our buddies up and let them know about the game early. They don't always do this, it's just for fun and a special opportunity for their customers. It's not a matter of whether or not they like you or not. It's first come first serve.

The next day people came in and were not able to get it. It's one of those things that if you miss out, sorry but it's your loss. Play n trade is a great store in Woodstock.

You're just mad because you couldn't suck at Black Ops hoo.


I have had great time every time am in that store its very friendly. An they Helped me get a new xbox360 when mine broke they took it back and gave a little less then fair return but they were not even taking xboxs at the time but took it anyway to help a customer so thanks love the new xbox i bought and the staff that made it happen


I cannot believe that someone would post such a harsh heading stating that Play N Trade in Woodstock are crooks.Who ever posted this obviously does not shop at this store on a regular basis.

I have not seen a business in a long time that does so much stuff for a local community like this store does. Does this person know that they have helped students strive for better grades because of there games for grades program? My child made a C on his report card in History. When he found out that Play N Trade gave a 25% discount on games for every A he made, he brought his report card home with all A's except the history where he had raised it to a B.

He told me, mom, next quarter Im going to have all A's so I can get a bunch of games. They gave him an goal to strive for and I am so appreciative of that. Then I found out they also give back 25% of his purchase to his school to help the school purchase supplies. Almost everytime I am in the store I would see police officers, fireman and teachers from the various schools.

I joking asked them what they did to get some many police to shop in their store. One of the employees told me that they give public servents a 20% discount. I thought that was so awesome. I asked them what else they do and the guy told me they donate alot of stuff to the schools and various school programs, they donate to several local churches, girls scouts, boy scouts, something called Run for Erin and the list went on.

I was so...

I guess that is why it is always so full of customers everytime I go in there.I hope people realize what a great asset this store and Troy Brazelton are to the local community.

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We are so happy to have Play N Trade in our local area!They have always treated us with respect.

It is a pleasure doing business!

They also did help our pack of cubscouts this past year!We appreciate you Troy!

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