I been along time buyer of play n trade for 3 years. On 3-10-13 was the shock of my life, it starts like this.

I have a psp 2001 i got a game for my psp from play n trade around feb 2013. When i got the game and took it home i hook up my psp and i had the menu on screen but when ever i try to play the psp game it will not let me. I spook to the manager Raz steven hampton about the game i paid for he told me that there was a cable that i had to buy that has the blue and green colors.I found that cable on ebay and it took me about 60 days for me to get that cable as this cable i was getting is coming from china. When i got it on late march i hook that one up to my tv and the game was still doing the same thing.

I went up to the store and i spook to Raz hampton about the game not wonting to play on my tv set. We were debating if or not if its a system problem or a tv that i got that will not support the psp slim. I ask the manager when is the best time for me to come and get help on with the game i paid for, he said everyday in the week but not weekends. I said ok i will stop by when i get it chance.

I stop the the game store on Weds apr the 10th 2013 in the afternoon the manager was there i told him that i got the system and im ready to get this matter fix i said to him. He tells me that i cant help you today becuase i have a ride that is picking me up and i git to go home Raz said. About 3 minites later while i was sitting inn the store to take a rest a costumer stop in to the store. The next thing i know Raz was taken 10 to about 15 mm's to help out a costumer.

I said to myself this guy lie to me he said that he had to leave and go home and not he took the time to come out from the back room in the store and he spent 15mms on a costomer who came later 2minites later after me. After that other customer left the store, i ask the manager Raz hampton why did you spent 15 minites helping another costumer when i was in your store first. He said to me well he was a paying costumer and i told him that i am a paying costumer too Mr.Hampton got mad and said that i got things to do i help you as a buyer in the past said Raz. I told him that i took alot of time coming here to get help on a item i paid for from your store, then i just finsh buy saying that you guys seem to not care about nothing but making money in your pockets.

Raz Hampton said that maybe this one worker can help me out, so there was no other costumers but myself so i ask the other worker im ready to be help on he saids he has to do something first. 5 minites later costumers started coming in to the shop and the other guy was helping them out 10 minites had passed at the time.I then ask when am i gonna get help on he said i dont know i have to help other costumers first. overall after 20mm to 30mms later i found that these guys were not gonna help me at all. I left out the store saying all you guys can F yourselfs.

The manager Raz later runs after me when i was walking in the mall and goning to the fast food area.The mana ger kept caling my name i told him to leve me along he then said i am bannd and im not allow to shop at play n trade anymore. He kept on running at his mouth abd i myself was trying to ignore him becuase i was pissed mad. So thats how the problems begain. I been a good costumer for 3 years now and it was a shock that raz abd the store treaded me like i was a no nobody.

it shock me and sad me to see this long term 3 years as a good costumer ending.EWvery time i go the the shop i always was nice to the guys up there in the 3 years as a member of play n trade i never had any problems from no body untill 4/10/13 Wed of last week.I was walking home and i said to myself i never done anything to these people other then being a good buyer like everyone else.Today is Wed's apl 17 2013, 7 days has passed since the shock that i had. I try to get a copy of the stores slip of the psp game i paid for the manager and thw whole store refuse to give me the slip.I contacted play n trade corp in CA i spook to a later and she even was not getting no replys from Raz the manager and doug the rent owner. today i call her and told her that i try sending emails no replys and i try calling the store but everytime i do they hang up on me. They later call the police and had them say that i am not allow to call play n trade or else i will go to jail.

I was able to recorder play n trade hanging up on me and the police officer that call me as well as the lady from the play n trade corp in CA who told me that this was out of her hands band the only way to fight is t file a police report she said.I will tell anyone who is a member of play in trade in moorestown mall to not go there any more, just like they did me wrong they can do u too. I will post a video on you tube of the recordings and everything else as well to better understand my story.heres a photo of the manager and item.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Burlington, New Jersey, United States #675743

This wall of text is filled with misspellings.


Sorry but i cant take this review seriously. Your obvious lack of intelligence leads me to believe that the problem was probably an easy fix and you were simply to ignorant to fix it yourself or you couldn't properly understand what was going on and made a crisis out of something that simply happened in your confused mind. Go back to school and learn to speak English before you waste other peoples time with pointless reviews please.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #638922
Who cares about thew book you wrote. Get a life!

Go outside and take a walk in the park!

GHet a life!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
to alq Camden, New Jersey, United States #642713
well if no one cares then why did you even bother to comment on this post. think lame brian think. :roll

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